5 Tips to Selling a Home in Long Beach

photo of how to sell a Long Beach home

photo of how to sell a Long Beach home

Selling a home in Long Beach (or any other city) means marketing it first. And marketing the house like you're absolutely, positively ready to move can offer giant rewards. Lately, Long Beach home sellers have been spoiled. The homeowners-turned-home sellers have enjoyed reasonably quick, generous offers in this seller’s market. Pretty good news, eh? Heck, yes. But, don't think these Long Beach home sellers simply rolled out the "For Sale" sign without lifting a finger, or a bank transaction to invest in turning their real property into a real hot commodity. Buyers are a busy bunch. They work hard. They want to play hard. The last thing home buyers want to think about is spending life as a "weekend warrior" after taking on homeownership. A turn-key home creates excitement about moving in and getting on with life. And for home sellers who have the means and a healthy vision of the final sale price, it's their job to help home buyers see the house as the ultimate value. You’re likely thinking, Why market my home? That's the real estate agent's job. Yes, you're absolutely right. One of many responsibilities of the realtor involves marketing the listed home. Realtors apply several traditional to cutting-edge methods in their strategy to market a home as soon as prospective home sellers give them the "green light". Of course, the home sellers who participate in marketing activities before their real estate agent gets involved, give their pre-listed property a competitive edge. Why not give it a try? When you're ready to sell your house, try one or more of these 5 tips to start marketing your home to sell.

#1 Turn your house into a social media star.

It’s not uncommon to see homes listed for sale on the news feed of Facebook or Instagram. If you’re excited about the move and you’re ready to get the ball rolling, why not generate early buzz about your house? While visiting your favorite social media networking site, post current images of your updated house with a “For sale. Coming soon” banner. And use hashtags like #LongBeach or/and #homesforsale.

#2 List in the hot season.

Spring and summer months are ideal for eager buyers who hope to move when the weather’s nice and the kids are out of school. But, end of the year sales are 'hot', too. There are potential home buyers who prefer to take advantage of home sales opportunities before the new tax year begins. 

#3 Appeal to the buyer’s sense of lifestyle.

Long Beach is a coastal town. Give buyers something to aspire to and show off the coastal lifestyle. Apply classic, subtle ways to draw connections to the home in the landscape, décor accessories, and colors that help in selling a home. 

#4 Play up the neighborhood’s good qualities’.

Get social and talk about your city's good qualities and what you love most about living there. Share community event notices to include out-of-town friends, relatives and co-workers. When they witness the advantages of living in the city, the organic word-of-mouth could encourage your ideal buyers to research the community and boost demand.

#5 Stage the house to sell.

Whether you've moved all the furniture from the home, or you plan to stick around until the house sells, you'll want to create a visual dream for home buyers. Arrange the interior and exterior with your ultimate buyer in mind. If you've lived in the home for more than seven years, it's going to need a little extra love. If you're unsure about what to consider in home staging preparation learn what to do in my blog, How Not to Hide the Money in Your Home, to reap the benefits from your investment.What other ways would you consider marketing your property to jump start the sale? Share in the comments below.