Home Staging for Real Estate Agents

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HOme staging consultation

My home staging consultation service provides directions and suggestions for increasing each listing’s perceived value, helping you sell it quickly and for more money. The less time your listing spends on the market, the higher your profits, the happier your clients, and the more your business will grow.

Duration: 2 hours

Investment: $247

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Half day onsite staging

Ready to leave home staging to a professional? My team and I have you covered. We’ll use any existing furnishings and bring in extra pieces to add to or replace existing pieces as needed. This ensures that you’ll have better MLS photos and that your open house events will be well attended.

Duration: 4 hours

Investment: $597

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Full Day onsite staging

Similar to our half day staging service, our full day staging includes a complete and holistic approach to making your listing look its best. We will use decor, furnishings, and placement techniques to highlight the home’s best features and help potential buyers envision living in the space.

Duration: 8 hours

Investment: $997